“Sing” – 2015 Recital Slideshow

Thank you to all of the performers who participated in the 3rd Annual Recital!  Our theme this year was “Every Bird Has A Song To Be Heard”.  We had two shows, each two hours long!  What an amazing way to showcase music therapy!  Thank you to our very respectful and patient audience as well!  Every performer had an opportunity to shine, to sing out, and to be proud!  We had some amazing volunteers and two proud parents volunteered to emcee the event!  An extra special thank you goes out to Bradley Schaack for running the sound and setting up the stage for the show and also to Julie Wallace who volunteered her time and talents to take photos of our event.  You can learn more about Julie at her website!

If you would like to order a photo you see in the slide show we will have order forms available at LIH.  Please ask a LIH staff member during your next appointment to see the photo album and order form!

Our team voted on the song “Sing” to use for the background of the video because we feel all of the performers had an opportunity to “Sing/play it for the word” to see and hear.

We cannot wait to see everyone on stage again next year!  Date is TBD.

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