“I Am” – Changing the world one song at a time!

At Life In Harmony, we believe that success-based music therapy experiences bring SO many opportunities for individuals to complete the phrase “I am ____________”.

“I am confident”, “I am able to express myself”, “I am independent”, “I am expressive”…

We love the “I am” phrases that accompany the smiles in the video!

The lyrics of the song “I Am” were inspired by families from the Down Syndrome of Wisconsin – Children of the Heart – Greater La Crosse Area (DSAW – COTH – GLA) organization.  We gathered thoughts thoughts on paper through a series of interview questions about the strengths of their child with Down syndrome, challenges, what they would want the world to know, and their hope for the future.  We love this song because their words can be applied to all individuals who face challenges with feeling limited and not accepted for who they are.

I feel so lucky to be able to combine my skills as a songwriter and music therapist to help an organization like DSAW-COTH-GLA strengthen community, advocacy, and awareness.  Organizations or individuals with a mission – Email LIH at admin@lihmt.com to get started communicating your message, mission, and passion through song!

Comment below or tweet us at @LifeinharmonyMT to celebrate all that we can be!  We want to know how you SHINE!  “I am ____________”.  #songtobeheard #musictherapy #IAm

~ Amy Schaack, MT-BC

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