Immediate Employment Opportunities: CLICK HERE

We love meeting resilient and team-focused professionals interested in serving others with passion and purpose in every beat. If you are a current or future music therapist (MT-BC) interested in learning more about employment on our team, reach out to us with one of the methods below. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read more about our general hiring process.

If you are actively seeking employment as a Music Therapist (MT-BC)
Prepare your cover letter, resume, three professional references, an audio file, and attach these items when prompted within the form below. Even if we do not have an active job posting available, we can consider any upcoming opportunities on the horizon. You can find information about our company, job details, and any current openings by visiting LIH’s Company Profile on Indeed.

If you are a music therapy intern or are preparing to take your CBMT exam
Apply via the method noted above. Be sure to indicate your anticipate CBMT examination date within your application. This will help us prepare a timeline for the proposed start date of employment. We are happy to begin employment any time following the successful completion of the CBMT examination… even on the same day!

If you are interested in future employment opportunities at LIH…
Send us an introductory email at hello@lihmt.com and share why you resonate with our mission, how your current and future experiences in music therapy and NMT may support our team and clients, and a general timeline on your interest in employment. Don’t forget to attach your current resume and any additional items you wish for us to archive for reference in the future. Whether you are just starting your music therapy coursework, finishing up your internship, considering relocating within our service area (WI/MN/IA), or just wanting to know more about our team and services, we’d love to connect with you.

Employment General Contact Information:
Email: leadership@lihmt.com
Phone: 608.799.4860
Fax: 414-377-3353

Current Employment Openings: Updated 10/06/2022

Overview of Our Hiring Process:
1) Apply
2) When all required items have been received, we will review all materials and be in contact regarding the next steps.
3) Next step is to meet you via Zoom! This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to get to know you.
4) We then connect with a minimum of two professional references.
4) A follow-up interview may be requested. We prefer to complete this meet-up in person if the timeline/logistics are feasible.
5) If we arrive here and both feel the job opportunity is a good fit, we will present a proposal for employment.
6) You will review the official offer letter, job duties, competitive compensation package, etc.
7) If you wish to accept the job offer, we will be in contact with you as we prepare to begin new employee orientation and welcome you to our team at LIH!