With recent changes due to COVID-19, our agency has made several changes to the way in which we work and provide services.  Please contact us to discuss how we have modified our services to work within the new guidelines of COVID-19.

Below is a general overview of the different types of services offered at Life In Harmony.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions 

Individual Services often take place at the LIH clinic location in West Salem; however, services may take place in the community or at an individual’s home (depending on need of the individual).  

Group Music Therapy Sessions 

A great opportunity for increasing socialization, emotional expression, building healthy relationships & self-esteem within a small group of individuals with similar needs/abilities.  Groups are created and designed with the abilities and interests of the group members in mind.  

Group services are held at the LIH clinic.  We do provide services off-site if an individual or organization is interested in creating a specific group to be held within the community i.e. at a group home or support group. (See Facility-Based Music Enrichment Programs below.)

Adaptive Music Lessons 

The goals of this 30-minute lesson is mastery (learning to play an instrument) and building self-esteem.

Individually tailored music lessons that are success-oriented and motivating.  Lessons take place in a 1:1 setting, and adaptations may be needed for cognitive, social/emotional, or physical reasons.  The participant must have his/her own instrument.  

Services typically occur at the LIH clinic.

Facility-Based Music Enrichment Programs

Facility-based music enrichment programs are ongoing and scheduled with the organization’s needs, vision, themes, mission, and participants’ unique needs in mind.  

Organizations looking to build an on-site music enrichment program can contact LIH for a free 30-minute consultation.

Recreational Music Classes

On occasion, LIH offers recreational music classes.  The purpose of recreational music opportunities is to have FUN making music!  Classes are created with music as the main focus, not the therapeutic goals or a treatment plan in mind.  

LIH partners with area Park & Recreation programs to advertise for recreational music classes at our facility. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear about these events or contact us to see if we can create a recreational music session for your group or event.

Workshops and In-Services

LIH offers workshops and in-services to organizations such as schools, hospitals, daycares, etc.  The purpose of these opportunities is to provide education on the topic of music therapy, provide recommended techniques for music-based approaches of care, or to offer an interactive music-centered staff development opportunity.

Funding for Services

Many LIH clients receive services through various Third-Party payers such as IRIS, Family Care, Children’s Long Term Support Waiver, Family Support Program, Family Support Grant, private insurance, and local grants (Children’s Miracle Network, La Crosse Area Autism Foundation, Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin).  Grant application forms can be found under the “Resources” tab on our website.  For more information regarding funding for services click on the “Funding FAQ” under the services menu.

Working with Life In Harmony

Music therapy sessions begin following an assessment session with the client. A treatment plan is then created outlining goals and objectives to be targeted during future music therapy sessions. Treatment plans are updated regularly and re-evaluated periodically throughout the treatment.