About LIH

At Life in Harmony Music Therapy, LLC, our team of board-certified music therapists strive to serve our clients with passion and purpose in every beat. Our team works within the Neurologic Music Therapy® model which allows our team to use standardized, research-based techniques. These techniques utilize specific aspects of music such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo. When used purposefully, these elements can bring upon changes in the brain.

The Neurologic Music Therapist® uses standardized techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as speech, physical movement, cognition and other functional abilities. Music therapists are trained to tailor and adapt music experiences to foster the success of each participant regardless of past music experience or ability.

Music therapists are trained to identify strengths, abilities, assess areas of needs, and develop an individualized treatment plan to target goals and objectives that are meaningful to the individual.

We always look for the purpose behind each aspect of our thought process. We use this purpose to determine what intervention to utilize, which song or instrument to offer, and how to maximize transitions.

This challenges our team to learn about each client’s strengths, interests, and motivators, We feel it is our responsibility to research, think outside of the box, collaborate, communicate openly, design, and problem-solve in order to maximize outcomes.

With this responsibility, we also find great passion for the work we do and the people we serve. This passion allows for genuine therapeutic relationships to form which is the foundation for future skills to build upon.

For more information about music therapy and how music therapy can help with specific populations we strongly encourage you to visit the American Music Therapy Association Website. This website has a wonderful FAQ section and fact sheets that provide information about music therapy for specific populations.