The Songbird Express

Life In Harmony Music Therapy, LLC is committed to expanding access to music therapy services for all individuals regardless of location.  We strive to provide excellent music therapy services and understand that individuals in need of music therapy services may live in rural communities far away from our clinic facility in West Salem, Wisconsin.  It is our mission to grow the wings of Life In Harmony Music Therapy, LLC to better service individuals and organizations who are looking to be part of our extended family.

The Songbird Express hit the road in the summer of 2015 and has serviced the following communities since that time: Tomah, Whitehall, Bluff Siding, and Black River Falls.  We do try to seek out alternative locations during the snowy/icy months; thus, the Songbird is currently parked for the winter.  Prior to the snow falling, our weekly schedule was:

The travel schedule anticipated for Spring/Summer 2017 is:
Mondays – Tomah, WI (Parked at Gillett Park)
Tuesdays & Thursdays – Black River Falls, WI (Parked at the Jackson County Health and Human Services Building)
Fridays – Westby, WI and Viroqua, WI area

The LIH team has an amazing opportunity to present on their journey of creating and implementing the mobile studio at the Great Lakes Region Music Therapy Conference in March 2017.  We are so excited to help inspire other music therapy agencies to consider expanding access to their services in a similar way.

We are excited to meet with organizations who believe in our mission to increase access to specialty services across Southwest Wisconsin, Northeastern Iowa, and Southwestern Minnesota.  At this time, our DOT license restricts travel outside of Wisconsin; however, we are looking to expand this if we have interest in neighboring communities across the Mississippi River.  We cannot wait to hear your vision of what The Songbird Express can bring to your community.  Please complete the short form below or email us at

Keep up to date with The Songbird Express by following us on Twitter at @lifeinharmonymt and Facebook (Life In Harmony Music Therapy, LLC)!

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Before and After Songbird Express

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