Young At Heart


For child care centers & senior care facilities/programs looking to offer a collaborative, intergenerational music enrichment program

Music is a tool and resource at our fingertips that helps restore stories from long ago while bringing out the youth in everyone.  
Young At Heart is an interactive, recreation-based music enrichment program facilitated by a board-certified music therapist that is designed for young children and seniors.

This group will use children’s songs of today as well as classic children’s songs that have been around for years! This group is sure to bring out the kid in everyone through the use of parachutes, puppets, stretchy bands, scarves, rhythm instruments, movement, and, of course, singing!

Life In Harmony will work with your organization and local programs to design a group that offers young children an opportunity to make music with his/her grandparent at your center or with seniors from a neighboring facility.  Our goal is to pair organizations serving youth and seniors together with the intent to create lasting relationships through the use of music.  This may be a great way to cost share with a neighboring facility/center in your community and a perfect way for two organizations to keep costs low while offering an interactive music program!

Contact us today to begin designing your own Young At Heart program!