Personal Instrument/Equipment Stipend Expense Form

All clinical staff at LIH are eligible for a $75.00 annual instrument stipend in addition to the the annual clinic budget that will be used to purchase items decided upon by the Director and LIH team (as a whole).

This instrument stipend may be used for musical equipment, therapeutic equipment, or functional organizational equipment that is necessary to perform your work that you feel is NOT currently available with the items already at LIH.  This $75.00 stipend will be available to you (in full) on January 1st of each calendar year and may be rolled over from year to year to store more funds to purchase a more expensive item.  Please remember, all items purchased with this stipend are considered property of LIH and must be turned in to LIH upon the end-date of your employment.

If there are items that you feel are necessary, it is suggested that you bring this up during the bi-annual budget meeting with the LIH team as other team members may be interested in the same item.  In this case, it may be determined that the item you are interested in will be purchased with the LIH clinic budget and not need to come out of your personal allocated amount.

It is intended that the personal instrument stipend is used for items such as:

  • Personal therapy equipment such as a stretchy band or parachute to have with you at all times
  • An instrument you use on a daily or very regular basis (may or may not already exist at LIH)
  • A suitcase or special bag to haul your equipment
  • Bluetooth speakers to have with you at all times
  • A specific music book you intend to have with you at all times
  • Therapeutic tools to help your clients that you plan to use daily (i.e. timers, visual posters, etc.)