CMTE and Professional Fee Reimbursement Request Form

All clinical staff at LIH have a continuing education (CMTE) stipend of $350.00 that may be used during the calendar year for educational expenses and professional fees associated with maintaining good standing as a board-certified music therapist.

As of January 1st of each year, this stipend allowance will be reset.  Please keep in mind, this amount may only be used for expenses purchased from January 1 – December 31 of the calendar year.  This amount does NOT carry over from year to year; therefore, if it is not used it is lost.

Upon submitting this form AND emailing a receipt to Bradley (, you will be paid in the amount of the expense until the maximum annual benefit total has been reached.  If an allowable expense was purchased but no receipt can be supplied to Bradley then the CMTE award will NOT be paid to you as there is not proof of this expense for our book-keeping/tax records.

All receipts used to claim this benefit MUST be dated in current calendar year.  Receipts must be submitted prior to December 15th so LIH can supply you with a check prior to the end of the year.  Please help us with our annual expenses be cashing your CMTE reimbursement checks by December 30th.  This will assure that the expense is associated with the correct calendar year.

The following items below are allowable without prior approval before purchasing the item.  All additional items will need prior approval before you purchase the item so please check before you assume an item may be an allowable CMTE/Professional Fee expense.

Eligible CMTE expenses include:

  • Regional or National conference fees and associated travel expenses (flight, hotel, parking garage, etc.)
  • Online or in-person CMTE courses/event registration fee (i.e. WCMT Hill Day, online CMTE classes, etc.)
  • Monthly membership fees to websites that offer CMTE credits such as
  • Approved related trainings (i.e. Neurologic Music Therapy institute)
  • Graduate student loan payments

Eligible Professional Fee expenses include:

  • CBMT credential maintenance fee ($80.00)
  • AMTA membership fee ($250.00)
  • WCMT membership fee ($25.00)
  • CBME Exam fee ($325.00) – if exam is taken while employed at LIH.
  • Department of Safety and Professional Services Fee (WMTR Licensure) ($105.00, odd years)