stomp-image.jpgSharing thoughts and ideas through expressive communication
Team building through music-based interventions to promote positive social skills
Organization through sequencing and problem solving
Movement to music to target balance, body awareness, and hand-eye coordination
Performance to boost self-esteem and confidence

This music therapy small group is designed for individuals with developmental disabilities who love to sing, dance, and make music. In addition to the items listed above, adaptive music interventions will be utilized to promote self-esteem and independence, increase eye contact, boost confidence, navigate emotions, increase attention, tolerate transitions, and target functional skills used in the community.

The music therapist will utilize adaptive music learning techniques such as playing by color or leading by gestural cues to help participants learn to play keyboard, boom whackers, ukuleles, and more.  The group will talk about what it means to be a good friend, a good team player, and what it takes to learn a new skill.

Each series will end with a public performance to showcase one song the group has been working on.  Participation in the performance opportunity is optional.

STOMP is currently being offered for the following age groups: 10 – 15, 16+

This small group is typically made up of ten-week series throughout the year with an occasional four-week add on.  This is done to accommodate individuals who wish to continue in a small group on a year-round basis, as well as those who wish to have services intermittent throughout the year.

Contact Us for more information or to propose a time for an upcoming series to begin.