The Navigators small group utilizes neurologic music therapy techniques to navigate social scenarios.  The primary areas addressed in this group series are advanced social skills, building confidence, addressing emotional needs, and fostering positive peer relationships.  Each 45-minute session will include a variety of music-based activities such as song writing, improvisation, music games, active instrument play, and many others.  Each series incorporates the unique strengths and areas of need of each participant within a group setting.  This group is open to individuals who are new to Life In Harmony or for those who have previously developed skills within individual sessions. The group setting offers real-life scenarios with peers of similar-age.  This specific social skills group is designed for individuals with areas of need related to attention, emotional identification and regulation, understanding social norms, and effective communication skills.  Beginning social skills are targeted in our COMPASS group.

Some examples of social skills targeted within a group music therapy setting include:

  1. Increasing eye contact during conversation
  2. Appropriate turn-taking in activities and conversation
  3. Remaining on-topic and focused during conversation
  4. Keeping a conversation going effectively (i.e. asking further questions in relation to the topic)
  5. Interpreting body language in a social situation and understanding personal space.

Navigators is currently offered for the following age groups: 6 – 8, 9 – 12, & 13 – 16.

If you are interested in a small group for an individual younger than 6 or older than 16, please contact our office or complete the “Music Therapy Match” form.  You may also wish to explore our Discovery Zone group.

For group series dates, times, costs, and registration details, please click here.