Music Therapy Groups

Registration closes on September 6 for all 7-week & 10-week series groups beginning in September 2017.

Registration will remain open until November 16 for all 4-week series groups beginning in late October and November.

New Schedule: Group Music Therapy Schedule: Aug – Dec 2017

Group music therapy services are provided at LIH’s facility and can be organized to be provided within the community or aboard our mobile studio.  Small group services can be built organically through our “Music Therapy Match” program or based upon a need identified by current clients or prospective clients.  In addition, LIH strives to provide a variety of ongoing small groups to address common areas of need for individuals seeking group services.

The following groups are currently offered at our facility in West Salem:

  • Do, Re, Mi for Birth to Three (Ages 0 – 36 months) – NEW Fall 2017
  • Discovery Zone (Ages 3 – 6) – NEW Fall 2017
    • COMPASS 1 (Ages 4 – 7) – NEW Fall 2017
    • COMPASS 2 (Ages 8 – 15) – NEW Fall 2017
    • COMPASS 3 (Age 16 and older) – NEW Fall 2017
  • Navigators
    • Navigators 1 (Ages 6 – 8) – NEW Fall 2017
    • Navigators 2 (Ages 9 – 12)
    • Navigators 3 (Ages 13 – 15)
    • STOMP 1 (Ages 10 – 15) – NEW Fall 2017
    • STOMP 2 (Ages 16 and older)


Five Simple Steps to Register for Group Music Therapy Services

  1. Determine the small group that best fits the needs of the individual based up on the group description (click on each link above).
    • It is very important to select a group based upon the description, not when the class is offered.  Each group is designed for individuals with specific areas of need (i.e. beginning social skill development vs. advanced social skill development).  If you are interested in a specific group but would like to suggest a different time for the group to be offered in the future, please contact us so we can explore this option.
  2. Check the Group Music Therapy Schedule for information regarding days, dates, cost, etc.
  3. Complete and submit the Group Music Therapy – Registration Packet.
    • Directions to submit this packet are included on the bottom of page 1.
  4. Make a private-pay payment or discuss service authorization of services with a Third-Party Payer (i.e. CCS, CLTS Waiver).   Payment or an authorization for services is the only way to hold your spot in the group.  All private-pay and cash-based payments are final.
    • If you are planning to utilize grant/scholarship funds from a community organization (i.e. CMN, LAF, DSAW) please be sure you are aware of how these grants are paid and who is responsible for the payment to hold the spot in the group.  This information is outlined under the resources tab on our website.
  5. Join us for the first scheduled day of services!

What does a “group series” mean?
The groups listed above are provided through a “X-week series” (i.e. 10-week series). This indicates that the group will have a natural starting and stopping point following the x weeks (i.e. 10 weeks).  We utilize the “series” structure to allow new group participants to begin or end services as needed due.  Participants are able to continue services with the next advertised group series, transition to a different group or to individual services, or discontinue services all together.

Payment for Group Music Therapy Services:
Group music therapy services are currently billed per series (series duration may vary). LIH has recently been increasing the frequency of group services; thus, quarterly or annual pre-payment options will soon be available through our “Passport Plan” (more information coming soon).  For individuals with funding sources that require services to be billed per date of service (i.e. CLTS waiver, CCS, Family Care, etc.), LIH requests that social workers/case workers authorize a weekly group music therapy session.  This will be billed following each group session attended by the participant.

Help Us Build A Group!
If you have an idea for a group or class to be offered at Life In Harmony, please contact us to share your ideas.  We would love to create new opportunities for you and others. For organizations or facilities looking for group music therapy services in the community/on-site, please contact us so we can begin discussing your organization’s vision, mission, goals, and needs.  We specialize in creating interactive music programs that are sure to engage participants of all abilities in live music-making experiences.


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