Grant Applications

We are so thankful for the following non-profit organizations who have provided scholarship/grant funds to individuals for music therapy services.

Please be mindful that each organization has its own application process, guidelines, and payment process. LIH is not involved in the grant application process.

How to Maximize the Life of a Grant Award
Families may wish to cost-share with family funds to extend the life of a grant award.  Some restrictions may apply based upon the type of grant award.

Below are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Cost-sharing methods can be utilized for individual music therapy services paid per-quarter by using combined amounts from a grant award as well as family funds.  This allows the family to receive the discounted per-quarter rate while sharing the cost between grant funds and family funds.  
  • Enrolling in group music therapy services is a wonderful way to decrease the cost of services.  Group series costs can also be split using a cost-share method by asking LIH to apply a portion of a grant award towards a group series cost while the family pays the other portion prior the start of the group. 
  • Finding a “music therapy match” may be a great option for sharing the cost of services with another family. Contact us for more information on this option.

Please note, some grants do require the service to be therapeutic and goal-oriented and do not cover recreational services.  Please visit the pages for our therapy groups and recreational classes to identify the differences between these service options.