Recital Registration Information

Please check back next January or February for our 2021 recital information.

Click on the RED font to Register: Registration Form

2021 Recital Dates: TBD

Who is welcome to participate?
Life in Harmony Music Therapy, LLC’s annual recital is a voluntary opportunity open to all current clients who have met the following criteria:

  1. Performer registration was received prior to the communicated deadline
  2. Sessions have been adequately attended prior to the recital (80% minimum and subject to therapist discretion)
  3. LIH has received a signed copy of the Public Event Waiver & Social Media Consent/Release Form – Form Available Here

Why are the Public Event Waiver & Social Media Consent/Release Form required?
These forms indicates that all performers are aware of risks associated with participating in a public event.  Please remember, participation in the recital is optional.  If you are unable to sign the required forms for any reason we ask that you notify our office in advance to communicate the need to opt out of participating in the upcoming public event.  The form only needs to be signed one time so if you are a returning performer or if you have participated in a different public LIH event you do not need to complete the form again.

Is the stage handicap accessible?
Yes! There are ramps on either side of the stage that all clients will use to get on and off of the stage. Entrances and exits to the Heider Center are also handicap accessible.

How much does it cost to be in the recital?
There is no additional cost to perform in the 2020 recital.

Are we assigned a show time or do we pick the time?
Once registration closes, LIH will assign each performer a specific showtime that best fits with the flow of the recital(s).  If your family has a unique schedule need that cannot be adjusted, you must indicate this on the registration form prior to the registration deadline.  We will do our absolute best to work around these time; however, we cannot promise we can accommodate schedule needs. We plan to have the recital schedule/set list prepared and communicated to you via email three weeks prior to the event.

New in 2020 – LIH will offer one “Low Sensory” Show (Final show on Sunday)
The stage can be an overwhelming place with light, sound amplification, and unfamiliar equipment like microphones.  New in 2020, we will be offering one show with limited sound amplification, limited special lighting, and reduced equipment.  This performance is also able to accommodate performances from an individual’s seat – if needed.  Please note, this show will still utilize some vocal and instrument amplification in order to capture the sound of the performers.

For more information on what to wear, when to arrive, concerns about stage fright, etc. please click here.

For important general information about the recital please click here.