Recital Registration Information

Registration closes March 9, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

This is a firm deadline to allow us to move forward with solidifying performance times and recital hall rental.

Click on the blue font to Register: Registration Form

2019 Recital Dates:
April 12 (evening) & April 13 (morning, afternoon, and possibly early evening)
Showtimes are to be determined following the registration deadline.

Who is welcome to participate?
Any client currently receiving scheduled services at the time of the recital and have had adequate time to prepare are welcome to participate in the 2019 recital.  Thus, clients who begin services after the posted recital registration deadline will be invited to participate in next year’s recital.  Additionally, clients who are unable to maintain adequate attendance through the recital will be asked to participate next year.  Due to the large number of performers, this year’s recital will feature live performances only and will not feature video or audio recordings.

Is the stage handicap accessible?
Yes! There are ramps on either side of the stage that all clients will use to get on and off of the stage. Entrances and exits to the Heider Center are also handicap accessible.

How much does it cost to be in the recital?
There is no additional cost to perform in our annual recital.  Each performer who attends the day of the event will receive a T-shirts at no cost.  This is our THANK YOU for making this event an important part of your year with LIH!  We will be selling any shirts that are not picked up by performers at the recital.

Are we assigned a show time or do we pick the time?
Due to the large number of clients we are needing to get on stage in two short days we will be assigning performers a showtime that best fits with the flow of the recital(s).  If your family has a unique schedule need that cannot be adjusted, you must indicate this on the registration form prior to the registration deadline.  We will do our absolute best to work around these time; however, we cannot promise we can accommodate schedule needs.  Our Friday PM show typically features clients working on emotional, social, self-expression, etc. goals.  Thus, this show tends to be more teens, young adults, and adult performers.  Our shows on Saturday typically feature individuals working on motor goals, cognitive goals, communication goals, etc. We plan to have the recital schedule/set list prepared and communicated to you via email three weeks prior to the event.

For more information on what to wear, when to arrive, concerns about stage fright, etc. please click here.

For important general information about the recital please click here.