Annual Recital

Each year LIH hosts an annual recital to give our clients a chance to shine in the spotlight. This show has grown each year from 30 performers to over 90!

Below is some general information about our recital and a flyer from our 2019 recital that was held in April.

2019 Recital

Recital 2019 Flyer Legal size

Purpose of the Recital
To give our clients an opportunity to SHINE!  LIH believes in spreading awareness for music therapy and there is no better way than to SHOW family, friends, teachers, social workers, and others in the audience just how beneficial music and music therapy interventions can be.  At the start of the recital we emphasize to the audience that the purpose of music therapy is focusing on the process of making music, not the final product.  Thus, this recital may not be what you’d typically expect from a “music recital” as the performances are prepared and polished but in a very different way than what your eyes or ears may expect.

Registration will be communicated to all current clients roughly 10 weeks prior to the recital date.  The recital date is typically released in the late summer or early fall.

Dates are subject to Heider Center availability.
When available, LIH schedules its annual recital in March, April, or May.  Community organizations (such as Life in Harmony) have the opportunity to reserve the recital hall after the School District of West Salem and outside professional groups have reserved their dates for the upcoming season/school year.

The recital is at the Heider Center in West Salem, WI (405 East Hamlin Street, West Salem, WI 54669).

You can park in the parking lot outside of the Heider Center and come in the front doors.

Attendance is free of charge, no tickets are sold.  There is an opportunity to “Fill the Drum” during the final song.  All proceeds go towards the cost of the Heider Center rental fee.

Show times are typically determined 3 – 4 weeks prior to the event date.  Shows are greatly determined by the number of performers.  In 2019, we had six, 75-minute shows held over two days.  Please watch for a flyer with showtimes posted.  Doors to the lobby will be open 30 minutes prior to the first show of the day and will remain open until the last performance.  Doors to the recital hall will open 20 minutes prior to the start of each show.

There are over 500 seats in the recital hall so please feel free to arrive and find a seat as you please.  No ticket is required to attend.

The recital hall is fully handicap accessible.  The stage is fully equipped with a level walkway on and off the stage.

Items for Sale
Items we have for sale each year include:

  • Recital Theme T-Shirts (Cost TBD each year)
    • Limited sized available at the event unless preoredered.
      • Preorder T-Shirt form available each year.
    • A shirt order will be placed after the recital for all additional sizes needed to be ordered.
  • Past Recital T-Shirts – $5 each
  • LIH Buttons, zipper pulls, magnets – $1 each

Each year we often need volunteers to assist with various parts of our recital.  Please check back as our next recital gets closer or contact our office to ask to be contacted directly.