Information for Performance Day

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 our 2020 recital was canceled.  We will resume again in 2021 and hope to have a wonderful line-up, similar to our anticipated 2020 show!

Performers should plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the (assigned) showtime.  Our staff move in many different directions before the show so we kindly ask that you do not arrive earlier than this time as our team may not be prepared to help you.  To ensure safety and assure we are able to transition timely between shows, we need all individuals to remain off the stage until the performance begins.

Where do I pick up a performer’s shirt?
All shirts for performers will be available at the PERFORMER CHECK-IN area.  This check in area will be staffed 20 minutes before each performance.

How do I purchase additional T-Shirts for family members?
You may order additional T-Shirt online.  We will have T-Shirt information 2 – 3 weeks prior to our next recital.

How do performers get on stage?
Performers will enter the stage on the left and will exit the stage on the right.  Both stage access points are handicap accessible.


How will performers know when it’s time to perform?
Upon arrival you will receive a program that will guide you through the show.  We will also have an emcee for the event who will keep all performances running smooth!

What do performers need to wear?
Performers are welcome to wear whatever is most comfortable. Many performers choose to wear the recital T-shirt given out on the day of the show. Bathrooms are located near the performance hall to make changing shirts more convenient.

What about stage fright?
If you have concerns regarding the person’s ability to perform or confidence in getting on stage please know this… this is exactly what the LIH recital is for!  There is no need to have additional anxiety or concern about “how will he/she do?”, “will he/she get on stage?”, etc.  We are trained to work through these various changing needs.  This is what makes our recital so powerful, special, and unique.  The audience understands that this is a HUGE event and SUCCESS for all of our performers, whether they have performed in the past five shows or if this is their first performance with us.

Can I take pictures/video during the performances?
Certainly! This is a public event and photos and/or videos are welcome.  Remember, all performers are required to sign a public event wavier form prior to the event.  Please contact our office or you music therapist if you have questions.

For general information about the recital please click here.