Recital Information for Clients/Performers

When do we need to notify LIH that a participant is interested in performing?
We will need to know a firm YES or NO by March 24, 2018.  This allows us enough time to organize the set-list, order the correct number of T-shirts, and finalize our program.

Who is welcome to participate?
Any clients currently receiving scheduled services at the time of the recital are welcome to participate.  Clients who begin services less than six weeks prior to the recital date will be asked to wait until next year’s recital.  This is due to the time needed to select a song for the recital and prepare for the recital.  Clients who have poor attendance prior to the recital may also be asked to wait until next year if the therapist does not feel that there will be adequate time to prepare.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Due to the large number of performers, this year’s recital will feature performers who are in-person/on the stage.  We do have the opportunity to play MP3s during the transitions/breaks between shows; however, we will not be able to feature these “performances” in the set-list due to the large number of individuals who are present and wanting to perform on stage.  If a client would like to attend and be on stage to share about their recording/MP3 we can certainly add him/her to the recital line up.

What if we sign up but the performer gets stage fright?
If you have concerns regarding the person’s ability to perform or confidence in getting on stage please know this… this is exactly what the LIH recital is for!  There is no need to have additional anxiety or concern about “how will he/she do?”, “will he/she get on stage?”, etc.  We are trained to work through these various changing needs.  This is what makes our recital so powerful, special, and unique.  The audience understands that this is a HUGE event and SUCCESS for all of our performers, whether they have performed in the past five shows or if this is their first performance with us.

Are we assigned a show time or do we pick the time?
Due to the large number of clients we are needing to get in to the four shows we greatly appreciate if you allow us to select the show time that fits with the flow of the recital(s) the best.  If your family does have specific schedule needs, we will do our absolute best to work around these times; however, we MUST know in advance.  Please know that we may not be able to accommodate additional requests or changes from what is reported to us initially.  Our Friday PM show typically features clients working on emotional, social, self-expression, etc. goals.  Thus, this show tends to be more teens, young adults, and adult performers.  Our shows on Saturday typically feature individuals working on motor goals, cognitive goals, communication goals, etc. We will do our absolute best to have the recital schedule/set list prepared no later than April 7, 2018.  At this time, recital shows will include: Friday, April 27: Recital start time 7:00 PM, Saturday April 28: Recital start time 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, & 3:30 PM (All showtimes are anticipated and are subject to change).  If needed, we will be adding an additional show on Saturday early evening.  We will not know if we need this show until we receive a final list of individuals planning to participate.

What time should performers get to the Heider Center?
Performers should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the (assigned) show time. This time will be used for receiving your recital T-shirt at the registration table, changing into the recital shirt (if desired), and finding your seat.  To ensure safety and assure we are able to transition timely between shows, we ask that all performers remain off the stage prior to the start of the show.

Is the stage handicap accessible?
Yes! There are ramps on either side of the stage that all clients will use to get on and off of the stage. Entrances and exits to the Heider Center are also handicap accessible.

What do performers need to wear?
Performers are welcome to wear whatever is most comfortable. Most of our performers wear their recital T-shirt that they receive on the day of the show. You are welcome to change in the bathrooms before the show if your child wants to wear their new T-shirt.

How much does the recital T-Shirt cost?
T-shirts are free to performers who attend the recital.  This is our THANK YOU for making this event an important part of your year with LIH!

Can I take pictures/video during the performances?
Certainly! Please take pictures and videos of your performances. We will also have a “photo booth” station in the lobby for you to take pictures with your family and/or staff.

For important general information about the recital please click here.