2:1 Services – “Music Therapy Match”

In addition to individual music therapy services and small group music therapy services, Life In Harmony also offers services in a 2:1 setting by pairing two clients together who “match” or have similar age, developmental needs, and therapeutic goals.

LIH recommends a 2:1 setting for individuals who are working to transfer skills learned within a 1:1 (individual) setting, for sibling sessions, for individuals who would benefit from working with one additional peer or who are working towards joining a small group, and for individuals looking to share the cost of services with one other family/individual.

If the music therapist feels there are concerns with the “match”/pairing of the individuals, the therapist will recommend discontinuing the 2:1 services.  This is typically determined after a minimum of three or four sessions.  If recommended, any unused pre-paid costs for the 2:1 services will be credited towards services in an individual or small group setting.

For individuals/families looking to be matched with another individual/client, please contact our office.