Autism Fund

The Autism Fund is made available by the La Crosse Area Autism Foundation (LAF)
The LAF is a local nonprofit organization assisting individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  LIH strongly encourages families to connect with this wonderful organization for networking opportunities, educational resources, as well as funding for services such as music therapy.  Visit this page for more information about local events and community involvement.

Online Grant/Scholarship Application: LAF’s Autism Fund Application

We completed the online Autism Fund application.  What do we do next?

  • The LAF will notify you directly if/when funds are awarded to your family.
  • Life In Harmony is not notified directly so it is your responsibility to inform us so that we know funds are available.
  • Once we know your child has funds allocated, future invoices for music therapy services will be invoiced directly to the LAF until the funds are fully utilized.
  •  Services invoiced to the LAF will be paid directly to Life in Harmony.  Services will be invoiced per date of service or per-group series.