kolander wedding-860

“My song for my mom, Linda, is called “Music in My Mother’s House” by Stuart Stotts. My mom is the most hard-working and dedicated woman I know. She is dedicated to her faith, her family, and her friends. Ever since I can remember, my mom has been “a busy bee”: always taking care of our family of farmers, working in the garden, taking care of the church family, and making extra time to tutor and work with my younger sister who has special needs. But amid all of her busy-ness, Mom has always had time to share music with me. My love of music stems from music in my home, specifically watching and listening to Mom play the piano (she studied it for 14 years). As a child, I was always amazed at her ability, and through all my years of music training, Mom was always there to encourage me, especially when I didn’t want to practice! Even though I have moved away from home, memories of music made there still resound in my mind. There has always been “Music in My Mother’s House”, and I love that I know there always will be!” – Sarah Kolander, MT-BC

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