Do, Re, Mi for Birth to Three


The Do, Re, Mi for Birth to Three music therapy small group affords young children an opportunity to expand skills specific to children ages birth to three. This includes beginning social and communication skills such as understanding cause/effect relationships, beginning problem solving skills, engaging in symbolic play, initiating and communicating wants/needs through sign language, gesture, and verbalizations, increasing use of one’s voice, following simple directions/receptive communication, as well as learning basic body-part identification/self-awareness.  This group will also utilize instruments of various size, texture, color, and volume to assist children in expanding motor skills, sound awareness, and tolerance of new textures and experiences.

This group is lead by a board-certified music therapist who utilizes Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques to target non-musical goals as outlined above.  This music therapy group is designed for individuals ages birth to three who are experiencing delays in meeting developmental milestones.

Parents will be asked to join the music group for the full duration of each session.  During this time, the parent/guardian will provide assistance as needed.  This will offer a hands-on learning experience for both the child and the adult.  Due to the therapeutic nature of this group, siblings are not allowed in the music therapy session.  Family music classes are offered spontaneously throughout the year through music enrichment offerings.

Do, Re, Mi for Birth to Three is currently being offered for the following age group: under three years of age.

Contact Us for more information or to be notified when there are three or more participants available for this group.