Discovery Zone


The Discovery Zone music therapy small group offers young children an opportunity to discover their voices, bodies, peer awareness, instruments, sounds, and textures!  This group is lead by a board-certified music therapist who utilizes Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) techniques to target goals related to social development, expressive & receptive communication, fine & gross motor development, and cognitive skills such as identifying colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  This group uses music to motivate children to discover their abilities and the world around them!  This music therapy group is designed for individuals with areas of need related to Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and other communication or cognitive disorders/delays.

Parents will be asked to join the music group for the last twenty minutes of each session. During this time, the therapist will target more advanced skills that may require additional hands-on assistance and review skills learned during the session so parents learn new ways to target developmental learning through music.  Due to the therapeutic nature of this group, siblings are not allowed in the music therapy session.  Family music classes can be found in LIH’s music enrichment offerings.

Some examples of skills targeted during this group would include:

  1. Gain confidence as demonstrated by increased independent exploration of instruments and new tasks
  2. Increase use of social skills such as sharing, turn taking, greeting friends, helping others, and manners
  3. Expand current vocabulary to successfully identify and describe new items in the music environment

Discovery Zone is designed for age group: 3 – 6.

Contact Us for more information or to be notified when there are three or more participants available for this group.