Need to Reschedule?

Advanced Notice Reschedule Requests (More Than 24 Hours In Advance)
Thank you for giving our team advanced notice (more than 24 hours in advance) of the need to move your appointment time.  This ensures that other clients can use our schedule to accommodate other client needs and keeps you in good standing.

Reschedule by calling, texting, or emailing our office or the scheduled therapist.
Office Email:
Office Phone: 608-799-4860 (call/text)
Therapists’ Phone Numbers and Emails: See our staff directory

Same-Day/Short Notice Reschedule Requests (Less Than 24 Hours)
If you are requesting to reschedule the session with less than 24 hours notice, please call LIH’s office line at 608-788-4860.  Kelly will assist you in rescheduling your appointment and will also assure that the therapist is notified.  Kelly is available between 8:45 AM and 3:30 PM (M, T, W, F).

In Case of an Emergency (Less Than 2 Hour Notification)
If you are canceling due to an emergency (less than two hours prior to the appointment start time) you must call the therapist scheduled to see the client AND LIH’s office line (608-799-4860).  This assures that the therapist receives the message before heading to the session location (community or traveling back to our facility).  A rescheduled session will be discussed at that time or at a more appropriate time, if needed.

No Shows and Frequent Same-Day Cancellations – New Policy as of October 2017
While we understand honest mistakes occur and emergencies do arise, frequent no-shows or same-day cancellations (for non-clinical needs) will not be tolerated and services will be postponed.  We will request that you postpone music therapy services if we feel that services are not being valued, prioritized, respected, or if attendance falls below 80% for a non-clinical need.

Thus, services will be postponed if:

  • You schedule other appointments at a time when you know music therapy is scheduled.  This demonstrates lack of prioritization of music therapy services.  We do not mind accommodating difficult-to-schedule appointments with other specialists if you request this in advance and this occurs infrequently; however, it should not be assumed that music therapy can be missed that week or moved to accommodate this appointment without prior arrangement with the therapist or our office.  Please ask us first before scheduling over the pre-arranged or standing music therapy appointment time.
  • You do not communicate that you are not coming to your appointment or that you will not be home when a therapist arrives for the visit.  This demonstrates lack of respect for our therapist’s time, resources, and other individuals who would like to schedule with the therapist.  We understand emergencies do arise and schedules become bogged down; however, we also feel that our time should be an important part of the individual’s week and thus, it should be marked in a personal calendar. We are happy to send reminder texts or phone calls.  Please ask us to help you remember if you feel that you may have difficulty remembering your appointment. We are here to help achieve 100% attendance.
  • You cancel within hours or on the same day of the appointment due to schedule conflicts or forgetting about the appointment until the last minute.  This demonstrates under-valuing the service.  We do understand that schedules can get very busy and sometimes scheduled events collide at the last minute; however, we also want to know that we are providing music therapy services to those who are committed to our service and look forward to music, as scheduled.  Having minimal time to revamp the therapist’s schedule due to a short-notice cancellation is a waste of our most valuable resource: our therapist’s availability.  If you know you cannot attend a scheduled session, please notify us in advance (more than 24 hours).  We can then offer the open time to someone on our reschedule list and they will have enough time to get to the appointment.  We understand there are clinical needs that may result in last-minute reschedule requests.  We will make note of these within the client’s treatment plan during the assessment process.
  • You consistently refuse or show no interest in rescheduling missed appointments. This results in poor attendance (falling below 80%).  LIH will work with you to reschedule appointments that are missed.  This is the only way to assure that attendance is kept above 80% which is necessary to demonstrate progress towards clinical goals.  We understand that some families have specific rescheduling challenges (i.e. work schedules, transportation needs, etc.) and may not be able to reschedule missed visits; however, this must be discussed with the therapist and documented on the treatment plan prior to being added to our “Do Not Reschedule” list.  Failure to keep appointments or reschedule will result in attendance below 80% which will result in postponement of services.

NEW POLICY FOR COUNTY-FUNDED CLIENTS: In the past, LIH did not offer make-up visits to those who no-showed; however, we find that it is very difficult to make progress towards therapeutic goals if we are not able to make-up the missed visit.  Beginning in October 2017: LIH will require participants to maintain an attendance record of 80% per quarter which will not be possible unless missed visits are being rescheduled. Thus, it is the client’s responsibility to arrange a make-up visit for all no-showed appointments and other missed appointments to assure attendance is kept above 80%.  

PRIVATE PAY LATE CANCELLATION & NO-SHOW POLICY:  Pre-paid services that are missed due to no-shows or late cancellations will not be offered a make-up visit as outlined on the terms/conditions of this payment option.  A no-show fee will be charged for private pay consumers paying per day of service.

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