Need to Reschedule?

Advanced Notice Reschedule Requests
Thank you for giving our team advanced notice (more than 24-hours in advance) of the need to move your appointment time.  This ensures that other clients can use our schedule to accommodate other client needs and keeps you in good standing for attendance.

Contact our office or the scheduled therapist.
Office Email:
Office Phone: 608-799-4860
Therapists’ Phone Numbers and Emails: See our staff directory

Short Notice Reschedule Requests (less than 24-hour notice)
If you are canceling with less than 24-hour notice, please contact your primary therapist to request a reschedule opportunity. If you are canceling with less than 2-hours’ notice, see below.

In Case of an Emergency (Less than 2-Hour Notification)
You must contact the music therapist scheduled to complete the visit.
This allows the notice to be received before the team member travels to the session location (in the community or traveling back to our facility). Failure to notify our office will result in a missed visit to be documented.

Attendance Expectation
Client’s actively receiving music therapy services are expected to meet LIH’s 80% attendance requirement. 

Without attending 80% of scheduled services it is difficult to meet therapeutic goals and objectives as progress and gains are directly related to carry over from session to session and frequency of service.  

While we understand honest mistakes occur and emergencies do arise, frequent missed visits or short-notice cancellations (for non-clinical needs) will not be tolerated, and services will be postponed if there is a pattern of this behavior.

Tips for staying above 80% – Attendance Policy

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