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Current Clients

In an effort to streamline your care and services, our team utilizes a web-based application for record keeping, electronic form completion, and to support quick communication in a confidential manner. By communicating within the portal, we can ensure our conversations are kept 100% confidential and can be accessed by all members of our growing team, across our entire service area. If you have not yet been invited to the portal, please reach out to our office.

You may, in addition, continue to contact your primary therapist for non-emergent needs via email or by phone call. You may also continue to leave a message on our shared general voicemail at (608) 799-4860 or by email at

To Reschedule a Session:

Please contact our confidential voicemail box 24 hours in advance. The confidential voicemail box can be reached at: 507-544-8326

By canceling in advance, the LIH staff can schedule other individuals waiting to receive services, attend staff meetings that may conflict with your appointment, or assist other staff members needing help during a session. Attendance at sessions is vital in establishing and maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship with our clients. It is very difficult to make progress when sessions are not attended regularly.

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