“To Begin, Begin!”

Spring is here and you can see, hear, and smell the neighborhood buzzing with life. It seems people come out of the woodwork to take down overdue Christmas decorations, grill a steak, go for a run, walk the dog, or bike around the neighborhood.  Were you one of the thousands who set a goal to exercise more in 2017?  Did you buy a gym membership or lace up new shoes only to find yourself less motivated as the calendar months passed?  There’s no reason to need to wait until January 1, 2018 comes around to restore your motivation.  Spring is the perfect time to try again so we encourage you… to begin, simply begin… or begin again with some extra motivation (music and green grass)!


“For me the greatest companion for exercising is music. Recently, I forgot my iPod before running and gave up much quicker than usual.  So, why is music helpful when we exercise? The key is that music is motivating! Have you ever been working out and feel you are ready to quit when a great song comes on and you think, “Yeah, I can finish through this song.” It helps us stay motivated to finish strong. Another part of music is that it is rhythmic. Instinctually, we run or walk to the beat of music to which we are listening. This is why when driving and listening to a fast song, you may find yourself slightly over the speed limit. If you feel like your work out needs a boost, try adding some faster-paced songs or songs that have encouraging lyrics (you can do it, keep going, etc.) and see how it affects your workout. Another tip is creating playlists that last for the duration of the workout you are going for. This way you can keep pace and know your workout will last a certain amount of time. I would recommend the Spotify app and use their running or workout genres. You can also use iTunes to create playlists that you could measure the time with.  So as you reevaluate where you are with a New Year’s resolution that has possibly plateaued, add a little music (and warm weather) and see if it makes difference. It did for this music therapist that was more of a light walker to now a proud 5k runner. My inspiration to you to help get started is to get ready, get set, and go (and don’t forget to push play)!” ~ Katherine Sherrill, Neurologic Music Therapist at LIH


Katherine from LIH after completing the 2016 Turkey Trot!

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