Give the gift of MUSIC!

Give the Gift of MUSIC!  Instrument suggestions for Santa’s Elves
Have you thought about giving your child or grandchild a musical gift this holiday season that will do more than just entertain?  As a team of musicians and music therapists, we are happy to offer some suggestions that will assist in developing functional skills as well (i.e. motor, communication, cognitive, etc.).  When looking for these items, we encourage you to shop and support local music stores and businesses. We have also provided a link where the products can be purchased online if not found locally.

$1 – $10

Quack stick

  • We recommend this small instrument for ages 3 and up. It produces a duck-like sound and is great for working on grasping and hand movements!
  • Find it here


  • We recommend this instrument for ages 3 and up. Kazoos are great for working on exercising oral muscles and working on breath control and support!
  • Find it here


  • Castanets are small and fairly inexpensive. We recommend this instrument to work on finger strength and pincer grasp.
  • Find it here

Egg Shakers

  • Egg shakers are small, affordable, and great for all ages. They’re perfect for working on grasping and easy to play!
  • Find it here

Echo Microphones

  • We recommend these toy microphones for young children. They’re inexpensive and can most likely be found in a local dollar or toy store! These microphones are great for children working on developing voice production and speech because they are motivating and offer opportunity to take turns vocalizing (just by pointing the microphone in a specific direction) to indicate “your turn”/”my turn”.
  • Find it here

$10 – $25

Rain Stick

  • Rain sticks come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, which make them perfect for any age! They are especially great for hand-eye coordination, grasping, and hand movement.
  • Find it here

Lollipop Drum

  • These hand-held paddle drums are designed to look like lollipops! They’re great for grasping, hand-eye coordination, and hand/arm movements.
  • Find it here

Small Parachute

  • Even though parachutes are not musical instruments, we find them very helpful in our practice. They have handles that are easy to hold and make it easy to move the parachute up, down, and lots of different ways!
  • Find it here

$25 – $50

Small Keyboard (Casio SA-46)

  • These mini keyboards are a new addition to our instrument library, and we absolutely LOVE them! These keyboards are portable and come with hundreds of programmed sounds and rhythms. They’re great for little hands to work on finger strength and fine motor skills.
  • Find it here

Floor Tom

  • These small drums sit elevated just off the ground and produce sound with little effort. Great for hand-eye coordination, grasping mallets, and arm strength!
  • Find it here


  • This unique instrument produces sound by moving air through a keyboard. Great for working on oral exercises, breath support, and breath control. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Find it here

Wind Chimes

  • This instrument produces a big sound with little effort or skill! Great for interaction and arousal with all ages!
  • Find it here



  • Ukuleles are great first instruments. They are affordable, portable, and easy to use for smaller hands. Great for beginners!
  • Find a variety of options here

Tall Gathering Drum

  • This taller drum also produces sound with minimal effort and can be played with either a mallet or hands. Great for hand-eye coordination or helping little ones stand and support themselves!
  • Find it here


Q Chord

  • This digital audio instrument can play chords like a piano and guitar and play melody as well, all at the touch of a button! Minimal skill required. Great for hand-eye coordination, cognitive development (arousal, etc.) and fine motor skills.
  • Find it here

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