A musical reflection on Father’s Day

The cards have been mailed, the phone calls have been made, the steaks have been grilled, and the messages of love and appreciation have been shared in so many ways.  Your day may have also been spent placing flowers on a gravesite or remembering an individual in a different way.  Despite whether this holiday stirs positive or negative emotions, there are many songs that bring your memories to life, giving you a soundtrack as you reflect and smile, cry, laugh, or maybe even experience feelings of anger or sadness.  There are songs about dads being role models and teachers, dads being heroes, dads fighting for our country, dads being “Mr. Mom”, and about being “Daddy’s Little Girl”.  There are songs that say “I miss you”, songs that talk about writing letters to heaven, and lyrics that pose the question “Where did you go?” or “Why?”.  Due to our neurologic response to music, memories are triggered by the songs we hear and this can directly impact our current mood state.  Thus, create a soundtrack of songs that remind you of an important individual in your life and share that list with your dad, grandpa, foster dad, etc.  If finding a positive song about Father’s Day is a challenge for you, start with a song that validates how you feel.  Start with a song that makes you cry or feel upset. It’s okay to feel this way… but try not to stay there, musically.  Place songs in a specific order to transition your mood from sadness/anger/bitterness to songs that bring you a feeling of acceptance, strength, or peace.

To all the men who who mentor, protect, counsel, provide, teach, and parent… “THANK YOU!”  Whether you are a dad, a grandpa, a soon-to-be-dad, a foster dad, a dad of an angel, a mentor, a significant other of a single mom, etc. we know that you have made an impact in so many ways!  We want to say “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” to those close to our heart and to do so we each selected a song we would dedicate to our dad this Father’s Day.

My dad, James, is pretty spiffed up in this picture, but he usually has dirt, grease, and manure on his clothes! I'm dedicating the song,

“My dad, James, is pretty spiffed up in this picture, but he usually has dirt, grease, and manure on his clothes! I’m dedicating the song, “The Field Behind the Plow” by Stan Rogers to him this Father’s Day because it so clearly describes the faithful, dedicated service he has given and continues to give as a father, husband, friend, and farmer. I love you, Dad!” ~ Sarah Kolander, MT-BC

Happy Father's Day from Katherine, MT-BC

“For my Dad and I-music has always been our language. For years growing up, I borrowed CDs from his seemingly endless collection. As I got older, I started to burn CDs of songs I loved or recorded for him. It was our connection. The only thing stronger than our shared love of music is the courage and strength he instilled in me. I am my father’s girl.  So I dedicate “My Girl” by The Temptations in honor of every Father-Daughter dance we spun around to it at, every concert on the green we sang the words at, and every time it played on one of our CDs. Music is one of my great loves in this world and it took a truly loving father to show me the notes.  Love you, dad.” – Katherine Sherrill, MT-BC

“Even though my dad isn’t here to hug or call on the phone, I believe my love still reaches my dad and his love still reaches me.  I carry him with me every day in my thoughts, memories, decisions, choices, highs, and lows; thus, I want to dedicate the song “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum and Jim Brickman to my dad, Kevin Oppriecht.  I recorded this song and put it on a CD for my mom and dad to give them hope during a time of unknowns in my dad’s battle with multiple myeloma.  I was never fully satisfied with this recording until just recently when my mom shared with me that my dad would would hear this song on the CD and would just start crying and then he would hit repeat.  My dad was always there to encourage me and to tell me he was proud of me and his presence in my life reassured me that I was never alone.  Ironically, after my dad passed away, I came across another song called “Never Alone” by Jesse Bonanno, and I feel like it’s his message back to me, reassuring me that he is with me, always, and that I am still never alone.  I find a lot of comfort in this song, especially on the days that seem to be difficult to get through. I dedicate my recording (you can play it below) of Lady A’s version of “Never Alone” to my dad and Jesse Bonanno’s “Never Alone” to anyone who is feeling sadness in the wake of Father’s Day. Until we meet again, Dad, I love you with all my heart… and keep sending me rainbows, sun dogs, deer, or whatever you want to send so I know you are with me!  I also wanted to wish a Happy Father’s Day to my husband, Bradley, who makes this day joyful again and one to celebrate!  The song “Good” by Dave Barnes always reminds me of the love you have for our family.” ~Amy Schaack, MT-BC

“I would like to dedicate the song “Desperado” by the Eagles to my dad. When people ask me about my job, about my love for music, or about my love for making music with others, they also frequently ask me from whom I developed my musical talents. My dad always encouraged me to pursue my passions; he has been there for every concert, recital, play, or any other production with which I have taken part. He also paid for a lot of lessons along the way! The Eagles are one of my dad’s favorite bands, and it is from his love of music that I was first introduced to making music of my own.” ~Andrea Halvorson, MT-BC

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