A Musical Reflection on Mother’s Day…

Did you ever pick up the phone and call Delilah or another radio host/station to dedicate a song to a special individual?  Did you ever go searching for a song that matched a celebration or heartache?  Have you ever thought about what song you would dedicate to your mother or another important female figure in your life?  What songs remind you of this special person?  What music memories come alive when thinking of this person?  Did she sing to you when you were young?  What songs do you remember?  What song captures the emotions that you’d like to share with her today?

In music therapy, we use music to help a client connect with his/her emotions to learn ways to identify emotions, triggers, and coping strategies.  This often involves discussing lyrics and the instrumentation used in order to identify what emotions or message is heard in the music.  Sessions may also involve the use of familiar music to access positive moods/feelings associated with the memories sparked by a particular song/memory.  Research shows us that music can bring us back to a specific place, person, or moment in time.  Thus, we all have at least one personal story of how music has sparked a memory or a feeling, immediately after hearing a song.  For the most part, these feelings are welcomed, but other times a song can leave you feeling exposed and may evoking feelings of extreme sadness and heartache.

Just like music, holidays may also bring upon a variety of emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant.  As you reflect on Mother’s Day, we hope you can identify at least one song that reminds you of your mom or a motherly figure in your life.  What song comes to mind?  What emotions do you experience when listening to this song?  We also challenge the mothers/moms-to-be to think of a song that you would dedicate to your child/children.  If you have multiple children, is there a different song that comes to mind for each child?  For the individuals experiencing grief and sadness due to the loss of a mother, a grandmother, a foster mother, a child, or for those who struggle to conceive, what song can inspire positive memories and/or hopeful thinking?

We wanted to share our song dedications with you.  Please comment below or Tweet at @LIHmusictx with your song tribute or dedication, a “song to remember by”, or a song that inspires you through a negative feeling associated with “Mother’s Day”.  We can’t wait to hear from you!  #songtobeheard

“My song for my mom, Linda, is called “Music in My Mother’s House” by Stuart Stotts. My mom is the most hard-working and dedicated woman I know. She is dedicated to her faith, her family, and her friends. Ever since I can remember, my mom has been “a busy bee”: always taking care of our family of farmers, working in the garden, taking care of the church family, and making extra time to tutor and work with my younger sister who has special needs. But amid all of her busy-ness, Mom has always had time to share music with me. My love of music stems from music in my home, specifically watching and listening to Mom play the piano (she studied it for 14 years). As a child, I was always amazed at her ability, and through all my years of music training, Mom was always there to encourage me, especially when I didn’t want to practice! Even though I have moved away from home, memories of music made there still resound in my mind. There has always been “Music in My Mother’s House”, and I love that I know there always will be!” – Sarah Kolander, MT-BC


“I would dedicate the song “You Are My Sunshine” to my mom. I remember she used to sing this song to me when I was a little girl. When I sing this song with my clients, it reminds me of my mom!”                     – Andrea Halvorson, MA, MT-BC

“My mom has always been there to teach me, cheer me up, and support my ambition. She always tells me to chase my dreams and be the person I wanted to be.  I dedicate the song “More Heart, Less Attack” by NEEDTOBREATHE to my mom for all the times that she showed me a new path to take. I can never thank her enough for always being there for me–to encourage me when it seems impossible. She is the one that taught me how to give my all and, most importantly, my heart to what matters.”                            – Katherine Sherrill, MT-BC

“Part of learning how to be a great mom is balancing the desire to hold onto your children as tight as possible while still finding the courage and strength to let go in order to allow them to explore the world. I do not know how my mom learned to do this so well and I am just realizing how hard it must have been for her to do this. The song “When You Come Back Down” by Nickel Creek reminds me of my mom’s never ending presence in my life.  I cannot imagine life without my mom’s support, guidance, friendship, and love. I am so thankful to have been given an opportunity to learn from the best!”                                     – Amy Schaack, MT-BC


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